I'm a Performance Marketer
Subradip Bhattacharjee

Unlocking your brand’s potential with expert SEO, Social Media Marketing, and Branding strategies. Empowering industries to thrive online.

About Me

Myself can be briefly described, though further revelations await

Since my college days in 2021, I have transitioned from simply being interested in marketing to gaining a deep understanding of digital marketing. Over the years, I have delved into the intricacies of online marketing, from the basics to mastering SEO and social media strategies. I have honed my skills in creating successful projects for e-commerce platforms and developing engaging content for social media. 

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What expertise do I bring to the table?


I craft designs that have the potential to be captivating content for your social media platforms.

Digital Marketing

My innovative marketing approaches have successfully captured the attention of various brands’ target audiences.

WordPress Web Development

I have established an online store that is driving revenue.

Work Experience

June 2021 - November 2021

During my time as a Digital Marketing Intern, I gained experience creating content concepts and conducting keyword research for SEO and Social Media platforms.

SEO/Social Media platforms
March 2022 - February 2023

My responsibilities encompassed overseeing SEO tactics and crafting social media content for five clients collectively. Additionally, I spearheaded outreach initiatives for clients and the agency.

SEO, Social media Marketing, Google Ads
August 2023 -January 2023

It involved a comprehensive entrepreneurial where I established an online store that utilized digital marketing techniques, such as social media promotions, to drive traffic to the website.

February 2023 -February 2024

I worked as an outsourced digital marketing executive by ignition for a Canadian-based pharmaceutical consulting company, Brevitas. My responsibilities were to create strategies for digital marketing and content creation and execute them.

Canva, Social Media Marketing, SEO, Content Creation

My Portfolio

People who worked with me says

He demonstrates professionalism in his work and exhibits creativity alongside analytical thinking.

Robin Tiwari
Digital marketing manager at Simple Intelligent Systems

His efficient time management skills, along with his ability thrive in high-pressure situations, make him excellent candidate for a marketer in my opinion.

Shilpi Saxena
Founder of Ignition Consulting

He single-handedly developed my online business and demonstrated a level of responsibility in the work he delivered Throughout the project, he kept me informed about all the tasks he was completing.

Rajeev Dey
Founder of FurryBuddy